Income & Traffic Report – September 2015

By Carlos Oporto on October 12, 2015


From today, I am starting a new type of monthly article. NeatBlog’s Income & Traffic Report. Among the things I want to share with you is the growth, traffic, income and work done on the past month.

In this report, I will share a summary of what was accomplished in the last month. It will serve so you can see all the activities that I have done and you get some ideas for your sites too.

It also serves me to keep track of what I’ve been doing. And for you to see the whole progress of this site.

Although the site was active with content for only the last 7 days of the month. There has been a good response from visitors so far.

I have received many positive comments from some users on forums and on social networks. Which motivates me to push myself even more for the next months.

It’s time to review the work done in the last 30 days.

What I did in September

Freelancer Life

I had an inactive account. So I decided to give the site one more chance and bid on many projects. If you got some skills like web development and design, outsourcing sites can be a good way to make money online. Also, I am now focusing just on design and development for websites. Thankfully, I got awarded some projects so that’s cool.

If you want to work on these outsourcing type of sites your reviews are one of the deciding factors. At the start of September I just got 2 reviews. Now I got 7 reviews so it’s easier for an employer to hire me for a new project.

NeatBlog is born

Since early September, I have been working on creating a site where I can share my experiences and knowledge to other online entrepreneurs.

I started a blog in English and Spanish simultaneously.

But during the month I decided that this would not be such a good option to start. Since it requires too much time to translate the contents into another language.

That’s why I decided to fully focus on English only. It’s better to do one thing well instead of two halves.

NeatBlog is born on September 11, 2015. Click to Tweet

Name, Domain, and Hosting

The first step was to get the name for my site about blogging and internet marketing.

I can tell you that is not easy to find names for domains in the year that we are.

There are many factors that make the process difficult:

  • The domain name you want is already taken.
  • The name is not available on social networks.
  • Another internet business already exists with the same name.
  • A search on Google with only the name you want throws a lot of results. Therefore creating a lot of competition.

For this site, I was looking to get an aged domain. There is a lot of debate going on if aged domains are better in terms of SEO. So I wanted to give it a test and see it for myself.

To look for expired and aged domains, I use ExpiredDomains.


Finally after some hours of searching on that site I found my ideal domain: and bought it from GoDaddy Auctions Buy it Now section.

I got really lucky to get a 13-year-old domain.


It didn’t have many backlinks. But since it was already indexed on Google I went on and purchase it. I prefer to think that aged domains that have old backlinks are the ones that are more worthy. But let’s see how this one goes.

Since I already got the domain I still needed hosting for my website. I purchased a hosting account and also installed the basic WordPress plugins to have the system ready to start the blog.
If you are looking for affordable hosting I recommend Bluehost. I have worked with them for several years and as always they deliver great support.

Working with HTML, CSS & PHP

This is one of the parts that I enjoy the most when I create a new site.

Once I have WordPress installed my next step is to set up a base theme. I got the theme in ThemeForest and proceeded to change it to my liking.

You will save a lot of time buying a professional WordPress theme. Click to Tweet

Themes are the visual skeleton of your site.

The premium theme that I bought is very good because it already came with a responsive design. This means that if you see NeatBlog in tablets or mobile phones it will be automatically resized to fit.

But the original template needed some more work left to do.
It’s almost unrecognizable the original base theme to the one that NeatBlog is on now. Especially if you notice the way in which all content creates a contrast.


I decided to go for a very colorful range of colors. I designed color palette that will be used and applied to the entire site, including post images. Additionally I changed the H1, H2, H3, H4 tags and how quotes are displayed.


I found the design and graphics to be a differentiating factor from other related sites to my niche market.

Another change was to create an easier reading for all articles. So you can scan through out the whole article. To achieve this, I changed the fonts and general layout of the site. Also making shorter paragraphs and sentences help.

I’ve also made many customizations of plugins and integrations in which I had to manipulate PHP, HTML and CSS code.


In following posts, I will discuss in depth all the things I’ve done in NeatBlog.

Content Creation

While shows many years on the who-is database. It’s only been less than a month in my hands. That’s why September was short on the quantity of published posts, with only 3 posted. The first topic that I discussed on the site is the question of whether it is possible to make money online.

In this article, I explored some ways to make money online from my own experience. I wanted to highlight something really important which is not to fall for scams. The ones that promise you to get rich quick without working.

In the second article, I explained how much is a business idea worth. And why its execution is so important so you can achieve a profitable online business.

I also explored two similar cases of known social networks such as Facebook and Hi5. Both are based on a similar idea but with different executions.

In the last post of September, I explored the topic about niche markets. And how you can get a profitable niche market for your website.

Visit September articles:

I created a content calendar for the upcoming months. Which helps me to create content in a more productive manner.

In the month of October, you will be able to enjoy more content on the blog.

I have some new content ideas for the future. Including daily tips, videos on YouTube and a resource page to help you in your online ventures.

But for now I just want to focus on blog entries. Once I have these under my control I can think of launching new content formats.

Traffic & Visits

Web Visits

And now let’s turn to something very interesting. The traffic!

This month I had a total of:

  • 131 sessions.
  • 91 unique users.
  • 302 page views.
  • 69.47% bounce rate.
  • 2.31 pages/session.
  • 4:46 minutes in average session duration.


Note that in these graphs displayed by Google Analytics I already had my IP filtered. I don’t want data inflated because of my own visits.

Something that I recommend for your new sites is to create a copy of your Analytics profile where you can filter your IP. So you don’t you confuse the behavior of your audience with the one while you’re working.

The Alexa ranking of my website has increased considerably. From 22’181.012 to 3’491.243. In Alexa, having a lower number means you have more traffic. The #1 place in Alexa Ranking is occupied by Google, followed by Facebook with the #2 position.

  • Alexa: 3’491.243 (22’181.012 last month) +18’689.769

Alexa numbers in itself are not worth much. But if you’re going to make money from ads on your site or want a partnership with other companies, Alexa Rank is most of the times the first indicator that people see. So it still has some relevance. Also, you can use it to compare the traffic from your site with others from your same niche.


Most Popular Content

The most viewed page was definitely the homepage. This was followed by my article about making money online.


The second most viewed article is how to find a profitable niche market for your website. Followed up by the new resources page with my great recommended tools for you.

Traffic sources

Referrals took a leading role in these last days of September. As the site is relatively new is normal not yet have many new visits from Google.

The most important site as a source of traffic was Twitter (, followed up by Facebook and LinkedIn.

Warrior Forum took the prize this month as for forum referral traffic. It’s still low but want to increase it for next months.


Being part of the community of Warrior Forum has been great so far. It’s a great community and I’m happy to be part of.

Part of my strategy is to increase referrals before getting traffic from Google. Click to Tweet

I have made some efforts in Linkedin and Pinterest but didn’t cause significant visits. In future months, I like to explore these networks to empower them.

Something that’ll keep exploring in the upcoming months is continue posting in various forums related to my niche.

Search Engine Traffic

There were only 5 visits from Google search this month. It’s normal that there are not many searches for a new indexed site.

Don’t expect Google to send you 1,000 visitors a day if you are just starting.

I’m looking forward to October to see how the traffic evolves since I am not actively doing backlinks. I’m just creating useful content for my audience. Of course, I have optimized my site to have a good SEO on-page.

Not much love from Google this month.


Something that I noticed is that when you search on Google for NeatBlog there are zero results in the first page about my blog. It’s still 14 in the overall rank, so the site appears on the second page.


Domain & Page Authority

Since it’s an aged domain with more than 10 years it already got some authority. Still is low but is better than starting from zero.


  • Domain Authority: 10
  • Page Authority: 23

Majestic SEO Backlinks

I have made some backlinks from forum signatures and comments on blogs related to my niche. Still I need to improve the quality of the links with more do-follow and link diversity.


  • External Backlinks: 227
  • Referring Domains: 19

Growth & Community

Forum Posts

One of the ways to promote my blog has been commenting on various internet forums. The success of this technique is to find where your audience is, then go to those places and talk directly to them.

Note that this does not mean creating 10,000 accounts in forums and create spam posts promoting your site.

By doing spam, you won't be able to create a long-lasting community. Click to Tweet

Rather, what I did was use an account that was already active in Warrior Forum and comment in the main section about internet marketing. The posts I make are to help other members of this community and share my knowledge. And of course also learn with them.
Overall I liked this community and hope that my posts become a great contribution.
The way other members can discover my site is clicking on the signature that I use in the forum.


Before you use forum signatures and publish your website in other communities read the rules so you can avoid future problems.

Summary of forum posts

  • Warrior Forum: 50 (0 past month) | Total: 50 posts.

Blog Comments

I comment on blogs that I usually frequent. I also try to comment when I find some interesting article related to my niche.

Social Networks Shares

These are the times that users have shared on social networks some content about NeatBlog in the month of September.

  • Facebook: 16 (0 last month) | Total: 16
  • Twitter: 22 (0 last month) | Total: 22
  • Google+: 4 (0 last month) | Total: 4
  • Total Social Network Shares: 42 (0 last month)

I still need a better way to track social actions per month. I’m sure there have been more, but I have not managed to record them all.


In total, there are 7534 subscribers among all types of social networks and email subscribers. Not bad for the first month of promotion. I hope that be more generous in December and increase the active community considerably.
There are a lot of subscribers because I am using an old Twitter account I had before from a similar niche site. That way I don’t start from zero.
I spent around $5 on Facebook ads to promote my fan page to get started. I got 137 likes, so around 4 cents per like. Not bad at all. With Facebook ads When you let your campaign run more days it will optimize itself to the best value per action.


  • Email: 191 (191 past month) | Total: 191
  • Facebook: 137 (0 past month) | Total: 19
  • Twitter: 7197 (7197 past month) | Total: 7197
  • Google+: 4 (0 past month) | Total: 6
  • Pinterest: 6 (0 past month) | Total: 1
  • Youtube: 0 (0 past month) | Total: 0

You will notice that the Twitter account @neatblogcom has a large number of followers. It’s because it’s an old Twitter account where I made tweets related to internet marketing. Now I am using the account for this blog.

When you start, put all your efforts on just one social network and make it grow. Click to Tweet

First I want to enhance the Twitter account, followed by Facebook. It’s better to focus on one social network first before trying to conquer them all at once.

Thanks to the blog subscribers, the blog will continue to grow every month.

Money Report

Income Report

At the moment, I’m not interested in monetizing this site. I want to focus first on blog promotion and get at least 100 visits per day. I want to achieve a strong community around NeatBlog first before thinking on monetizing.

Although I have thought some ways to make money from this site. The first way that I will use to monetize NeatBlog is through affiliate marketing.

In future posts, I’ll talk more about affiliate marketing.

Income List

  • Amazon Associates: $6.19
  • $121.71
  • Consulting: $500

Investment Report

I don’t like the word expenses because every dollar “spent” is an investment for the blog.

It's necessary to invest, even if just the hosting cost, to make money online. Click to Tweet

Investment List

Income & Investment Total

  • Total Income: $627.90
  • Total Invesment: $256.67
  • Net Income: $371.23

A Favor To Ask

I am eternally grateful to all who have shared and visited the site. A special thanks to people who have subscribed to the page either by email or social networks.

I was working long hours to launch this website. And now I want to take this time to ask a little help to promote NeatBlog.

If you enjoyed NeatBlog you can help me in the following ways:

  • Sharing NeatBlog in your social networks.
  • Starting a thread in your favorite forum about NeatBlog.
  • Leaving your valuable comment on this post.
  • Write a post on your blog mentioning NeatBlog.

And the most meaningful to me:

  • Subscribing via email (please write me, I will answer as soon as possible).

Part of my strategy is to create an active community around NeatBlog.

Final Comments

Although it was a very short month with only 7 days, it was enough to give a good kickstart to the page.

I am excited to see all the positive comments, opinions and support I have received. It’s certainly a big boost so I can look forward to October.

This October I am making new content. One of my goals is to reach at least 10 posts per month. At first is going to be challenging but with more practice I am sure I can pull it off.

I want to personally thank you for joining my adventure with NeatBlog. Welcome to the community and feel free to drop a comment and subscribe.

Enjoy the Infopreneur Lifestyle

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