Is it Possible to Make Money Online?

By Carlos Oporto on September 23, 2015


There are people who are making big money on the internet. That is not up for discussion.

But you have to be asking, is this possible for me?

That’s the big concern with people who are new to make money online. It begins with a bit of confusion and not knowing where to start. Don’t worry it’s ok to be a little confused or overwhelmed. Without guidance or support, it’s difficult to know what first steps to take.

You could be looking across multiple posts in forums and still not know which is the most relevant and useful information.

One of the main reasons to make money online is to try to free themselves from the current 8-hour (or more) job. Either because you don’t feel comfortable or you want to have a higher income. Or maybe you seek to earn extra income online to supplement your current money and achieve your goals.

Having a business that depends on 100% of your work and freedom of being your own boss is very rewarding. Not everyone is lucky enough to take action and be successful, but one thing I believe is that everyone can create their own luck.

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Entrepreneurship is not easy, and going online to do business is not either. But if it’s done the right way it becomes a very positive thing for your income. The first misconception is that this will be easy and with an automatic mode you will get luxury cars, mansions, helicopter trips and a robot to cook you.

To launch a website online and get a similar income of your current day job earning is entirely possible. Everything will depend on your own work and the knowledge that you gain with time. Experience counts.

In this blog, I will share with you, my own experiences so you can benefit from them. I’ll show you the best techniques and tools to increase your money online. I will also include things that didn’t go so well so that everyone can learn from mistakes and not make them. Join the club to receive future NeatBlog updates.

Is It Easy To Make Money Online?

Probably you have heard that making money online is easy and only requires one or two hours a week to get rich. To be 100% honest, that’s not the reality experienced by most people who are generating their income online.

Make money online involves having a lot of knowledge and knowing how to apply all that properly, making a market study, launch products, perform tests with users, create great content, manage databases of prospective clients and many more things that don’t happen overnight.

While I recognize that some Blackhat techniques can earn you quick money, it will not be easy. The chances are that with these techniques you get some small quick money, but you will not get a long-term passive income profits and worse you won’t have a real business.

It’s better to use SEO techniques to improve your website that really work. Instead of applying just shady techniques that will get your site deindexed from search engines in a snap.

Watch out for the gurus

In the wild internet, there are these gurus who promise you to earn tons of money in a fast and easy way. They will call it’s new method of quick profits with Google. Of course, it is likely to be a scam. So beware of those things, especially if they ask you money in advance.

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Almost no work (legal!) on this planet allows you to make money quickly with the ability to save for your future. And with quick I mean in just a few days or weeks.

So you must be asking now how I can identify these scammers? The answer is simple, look for the signs. One of the main signs is if you find on that page images of luxury cars, lots of money floating around on the screen and mansions. Of course, this is all you’re going to get if you buy their course of quick and easy money for just $999 value (dollars) per month. And after a few months you’ll end up poorer and more confused than when you started.quick-fast-money-online-scam

Another sign is if that page doesn’t have any social networks. In the world we currently live almost all business are on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Why? Because you need to have a social presence, create a community and ecosystem to support your product. So you have a social proof that it really works.

Usually, these gurus don’t have Twitter. And of course, they don’t provide an e-mail to which you can contact. All this to get out with your money running as quickly as possible.

The first knowledge

As the first tip, I leave you today is that we put aside the thought that investing on the internet or starting your online business will make the rich overnight.

Now you have the first knowledge. You now know that making money online is possible, and there are many ways that this can become a reality for you. But you have to work for it. Money won’t come by itself.

Ways To Make Money Online

You have to start somewhere

I have over nine years earning money on the internet. This has led me to find many ways to make money online, some have been more casual and more interesting as offering my professional services as a freelancer for clients from abroad.

I remember my first dollars earned online like yesterday. I was offering my professional 3D animation services for customers. This was in 2004 where there weren’t so many tools for exposure and pages like Freelancer or Odesk were not popular. Having knowledge in English and the internet helped me achieve this.

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By then I had not created HoverBoard, the name that now I promote my digital 2D and 3D animation services. But it has a small personal site created in a free service with records of work done. It was essentially an image blog. Since I created the website HoverBoard I no longer update that personal blog. Later I will explain why it is ideal to have your own website, hosting, and domain.

Since that time I have made money on the internet in multiple ways using platforms like Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, Freelancer, Paypal and even selling Bitcoins.

Use your talents

Do you want to start making money online? A great way to begin is to use the talents you already have.

  • If you enjoy writing a blog, it’s a great way to start. Even if the blog itself is not the final product is an awesome promotional tool.
  • Are you good on camera? Then the option of making a video podcast can be for you.
  • Similar to the video, you can make a weekly audio podcast.
  • Do you know a lot about a topic? Start teaching and create a site with a membership to access your online courses.

Search what you love to do and in what areas you could develop better. This is the starting point that will help you find your way in your online venture. And with it, you will become an infopreneur.

An infopreneur is essentially an entrepreneur that promotes or sells information products on the internet. That’s why having a site is essential.

Create your site

Now that you are in the world of making money online it’s important to know that having a website or blog on free services like Blogspot or Tumblr will not help you grow as your own brand. Also with these free sites you can have many restrictions like not being able to use your own domain, put your own advertising and affiliate links. And that’s bad.

There are many hosting providers for your website. Bluehost it’s one that I have used for many years. Something that can be highlighted is the great support they have via chat. That’s not a slow ticketing system where you get your answer after many hours or days. It’s an immediate response.

When you’re starting your business on the internet, the fact that you can get answered your technical requirement immediately is very encouraging. It’s good that you don’t have to wait long hours or even days for technical support. Remember that time is also money.

Another great advantage is the price. They have plans that fit your pocket from $3.95 a month, which makes it very affordable for those who are starting their first website.


In fact Bluehost indeed was the first hosting company to use when I opened my video games website in Spanish JefeFinal.

Whether for your blog, online coaching site or sell your products, you need a domain and hosting itself. This is important so you’re in control of your brand and business.

In future posts, I’ll show you how to make your first website in simple steps and in the best way possible for you.

Take Action to Achieve Your Goals

The first step

I want to do this. I want to do that. I want to create my website. I have big plans.

You may have had these thoughts, but if you leave things for tomorrow nothing is going to happen. Dreams will just remain dreams. I want you to take a moment and gather all the ideas you have of what to do to make money online. Write 10 business ideas to make money online on a piece of paper.

Now cross out the ones that less interest you. Leave the 3 best ideas that are the most pleasing to you. Now with those three ideas, choose only one, the one that is the most feasible and make you feel more comfortable developing.

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The first step is to be psyched that you can achieve your goals and success. Now that you have your winning idea you can start your own website.

Most web entrepreneurs and infopreneurs who are currently earning money online will tell you overcome fear and taking action is the most important step. If you want to start using Online Marketing techniques to increase your income, you have to start.

Maybe it sounds like something really silly or that it goes without saying since it’s obvious that to achieve something you have to start it first. But in the world of Internet Marketing there are many people who spend time, even years, reading, thinking, planning, but at the end they put mental obstacles themselves and never get started.

The knowledge

The first step is to start, but to really achieve your goals you must gather more knowledge, use the right tools and follow a path to guide you.

Some of the skills you will learn in the course of time:

  • How to create your website.
  • Promotion strategies to increase traffic.
  • The money is in the mailing list.
  • Create a product that complements your blog. (Podcast, eBook, Courses)
  • Value the power of good content.
  • Have real and possible goals to achieve.

I could name many other skills that are very important. But relax, you don’t have to learn it all in one day. Little by little you will develop and improve these strategies to achieve your goals.

Don’t be afraid to learn something new, look at Mark Zuckerberg, after 10 years of having created his company Facebook he is learning Mandarin. It’s a remarkable effort because it is one of the most difficult languages to learn for Westerners. But the effort is accompanied by his motivation, Facebook wants to enter China market and demonstrating that its CEO has learned the language, even if he still doesn’t speak fluently, it’s very good.

I happened to learn HTML, CSS, and some programming. At first I was a little afraid of learning programming languages. Now I am happy that I did it since I did have a big advantage now that I can change my own sites as I prefer.

Besides being a professional in visual arts has helped me to develop online products that are pleasing to users.

And That’s How NeatBlog is Born

Finally, I want to tell the main reason why I created NeatBlog. When I first started on the adventure of making money online I didn’t have much knowledge and didn’t know where to start. The internet is full of bad advice and Internet Marketing gurus that make you false promises.


That’s why I now share my knowledge, and not only that but also to write about everything that goes along with internet embarking on strategies, techniques and tools that I use daily. What it has worked for me and what has not gone well, especially so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did.

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I have spent many years researching the best ways and techniques to promote yourself online, it’s not a system itself to make money fast (I don’t believe in those). But rather as a passive income that will increase over time. And that’s what I will apply to this blog and be completely transparent in the process.

At the moment, the site is a blog, but my strategy is to increase future visits so more people involved with their own comments and concerns. I want to form a community of entrepreneurs around NeatBlog. Which in the future will have available special courses in different topics and forums to get instant help from the community.

Best wishes and see you in the next post.

Links and Resources Found on This Article

  • Bluehost – Affordable and easy to install WordPress hosting.
  • Freelancer – Great website to offer your freelance services.
  • HoverBoard – My own 2D & 3D professional services website.

Now that you know my points of view, I invite you to leave your comment and tell me your thoughts about building a business that will generate money online. Happy entrepreneurship!

Enjoy the Infopreneur Lifestyle

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