I want to share with you my favorite internet marketing tools to start an online business. With these tools & resources you will get the best arsenal to grow your business and enjoy the entrepreneur lifestyle.

I recommend you to bookmark this page so you have a reference for future. Since I’m going to keep it updated for the best tools & offers. Let’s start!

Note: I recommend companies and products that I have experienced and used. Some of the links are affiliate links. Which means I earn a commission if the sale is made. This will not have a higher cost for you. I thank you in advance if you buy something since with your contribution you are helping this site.

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Carlos Oporto – NeatBlog Founder

This are the essentials tools and resources that you need to become a better entrepreneur. Use them to kickstart your business and grow your income online.


Bluehost: I use Bluehost to host my sites. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for your first site. Plus you can use the same account for multiple domains and websites. You can install WordPress with just 1-click and they have awesome support 24/7 via chat or phone. Click here to get a special discount for only $3.95 per month including your hosting plan and a free domain.


Elegant Themes: I love this site and use their themes exclusively for all my projects. For just one payment you can access over 80 high quality WordPress themes. This is like having each theme for just pennies. Elegant Themes are in constant improvement and are always updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Click here to see all the available templates.


SEMrush: This amazing tool you can check your search engine optimization (SEO). You can also use it to analyze your competition and know which sites they use to get more traffic. When you use SEMrush you’ll get a full report on the best keywords, backlinks, and more profitable niches that will help increase your business. Get a free SEMrush account here.

Explore The Tools

Website Hosting & Domains


Bluehost: I have used Bluehost for many years for my sites. It’s a plus that you can use the same account for multiple domains and websites. You can install WordPress with just 1-click and get technical support 24 hours 365 days a year. Click here to get a special discount for only $3.95 per month including your hosting plan and a free domain.

WordPress Themes


Elegant Themes: For just one payment you can access over 80 high quality WordPress themes. This is like having each theme for just pennies. Elegant Themes are in constant improvement and are always updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Click here to see all the available templates.


ThemeForest: One of the first stops I do every time I need a new WordPress theme. It has more than 17,000 themes at your disposal. One of the perks of paying for a premium WordPress theme is to get support from the developers. Also these templates are optimized and you make sure they have updated codes. Check out all available themes here.

WordPress Plugins


CodeCanyon: The site that I go when I want to find great WordPress plugins. They have more than 3500 plugins for your WordPress websites. You can find solutions for forums, galleries, advertising, email optins, memberships,  social shares and more for your site. Check all the plugins that are available here.


Easy Social Share Buttons: All my social media share buttons are generated by this plugin. The plugin works with more than 20 different social networks. Something useful is to see metric reports and discover what content is the most shared by your users. It has a wide range of visual templates for all kinds of website. Included a template that only shows to mobile users. I also use it to increase my community on social networks.


SumoMe: This is handy plugin that comes with different tools for your blog. It will help you grow your blog and increase your traffic. Best of all, it’s completely free. It’s used in more than 100,000 sites worldwide.


Pretty Link Pro: Use this plugin in all your posts and sites that have affiliate links. It’s a short url plugin to convert your affiliate ugly links in pretty short urls that use your brand domain name. With this your visitors can access these links more easily and with more confidence. It’s part of my 10 essential plugins for WordPress.


All in One SEO Pro This is one the essential plugins that I set in all my websites. It helps me to optimize SEO of all my pages. You can also create an XML Sitemap for search engine indexing and set the social media description that appears in social networks. Even the free version is great!


W3 Total Cache: The plugin will improve the user experience of your site. It increases the performance of your server to reduce the load time of your website. You can compress and minimize JavaScript files, HTML and CSS for your users to download faster. It’s a great plugin and you can use it together with Bluehost.


Social Locker: Another secret weapon to increase your community. Allow your users to unlock content only if they share it in their social networks. Ideal to increase the times a content is shared. It’s one of the plugins that I recommend to grow your social networks.


WPML - WordPress MultiLanguage: This is the best plugin for creating websites in multiple languages. With WPML you can translate posts, pages and menus. I use it on every site that need to be multilingual. Make an effort and invest in localize content and do manual translations instead of using an automatic translator.


Login Lockdown: If you use a WordPress site it’s important that you take care of security. This plugin blocks IPs with failed attempts to log in to your website. I lost some sites many years ago due to hackers, using this plugin at that time would have saved me a headache.


OptinSkin: OptinSkin lets you create email registration forms for your WordPress site in seconds. Which are compatible with Aweber. You can customize the 18 pre-set designs to your own taste. Also you can put the forms in any part of your site without having to know anything about programming. Get OptinSkin here.

Email Marketing


Aweber: This is one of the most important tools of all online marketing. It lets you create forms for your users to subscribe to your mailing list. You can create a sequence of emails to be sent automatically to your community. The big advantage is that Aweber let’s you do campaigns with affiliate products links.

Grow Your Traffic


BuzzBundle: A great tool that I use to promote this blog to my target audience. It helps you automate the search for sites that your audience frequents. It is one of the most useful tools I use to attract new visitors to my site, grow my traffic and increase my community.


LinkAssistant: With Link Assistant you can find authority sites in your niche that allow you to do guest posts. Just don’t use it as a method of exchanging links, that’s a thing of the past. It’s also part of SEO PowerSuite.


TweetAttacks Pro: I use this tool in every new site to increase my Twitter followers. It has the ability to perform auto-follow, auto-unfollow, follow back. You can also schedule tweets, answers, mark favorites and send automated messages to your new followers. It’s awesome and will save you tons of time. Click here to see all it can do.

Awesome SEO Tools


SEMrush: SEMrush is a complete suite for keyword and competitive analysis. You can also use it to analyze your competition and know which sites they use to get more traffic. Inside the tool you will find features like keyword difficulty, domain comparison, complete charts and site audits. Create a free SEMrush account here.


SEO PowerSuite: This is a complete SEO software suite. You’ll get Rank Tracker the best tool to track keywords position. Website Auditor ideal for site audits. Use SEO Spyglass to find backlinks from your competitors. And LinkAssistant a tool that I use to find sites where you can do guest posts. This set of tools is essential to improve search engine rankings of your site. Click here for a free demo SEO Power Suite.


UltimateDemon: The best tool to create backlinks to your website. It supports lots of platforms and you can even add your own sites. This application is very easy to use thanks to its friendly interface that lets you create your own tiers of links. Combine it with unique content and KontentMachine to have the best results. It really is a all-in-one tool to create links. Click here to get a $50 discount on Ultimate Demon.


KontentMachine: This program will allow you to generate content quickly and very effectively. Just enter keywords and click to start seeing hundreds of content in minutes. Create articles and bookmarks with titles and descriptions. You can use these content for SEO articles for the lower tiers of your backlinks. It includes tutorials on how to use and free upgrades for life. Click here to review all its functions.


Google Webmasters: Add your site to Google through this page. It allows you to send a sitemap of your website so that the search engine knows which pages to index. It also contains interesting features like removing any page of your site you don’t want to be indexed. And the ability to know which errors Google detects when visiting your site. You can also find and download a list of links to your website.


LongTailPro: A great tool to find profitable keywords in a productive way. Just enter the keyword you want to investigate and the tool will show you related keywords, search volume, competition and more. Click here to see this great keyword research tool.


MarketSamurai I have used this tool for over 4 years and remains excellent. It lets you quickly create a research of the best keywords. It’s very easy to use with an intuitive interface. Includes a special module for tracking 50 keywords, but if you need more is better to use RankTracker from SEO Power Suite.

Website Analytics


Google Analytics: With this tool you can view reports and traffic statistics of all your sites. You can see how many daily visitors you have, the number of page views and more. Find which traffic sources are the ones that bring you more visitors. You also have the option to view data in real time, which is very useful.

Courses & Learning


Lynda: I love these tutorials. I have used them for many years to learn a lot about issues of SEO, Marketing, Programming and Game Development. Find the topic you need to learn and increase your skills. You can try all the courses for free here.

Income For Your Blog


Google Adsense: The internet ads platform most used in the world. It’s very easy to install the ads on your site so they can appear in an automated manner. I recommend to use Adsense if you’re just starting out as a form of learning. But unless you have millions of visitors it will not mean a great source of income. To my personal opinion it’s not the best way to monetize a blog, see it as a second source of income.


Amazon Associates: Affiliate marketing it’s a great option for you to increase your income. It’s based on generating a commission for each sale you refer to a site. Amazon is one of the largest online stores in the world and surely there will be a product you can recommend for your audience.

Grow Your Site With Ads


Google Adwords: The most known online ad platform. Select keywords and locations related to your business to create your ad. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.


Facebook Ads: Another great ad platform based on Facebook. The interesting thing is that you can show your ad to a highly targeted audience. You can choose the age, location, education, interests, and more data to segment your audience. Before posting make sure you know exactly which audience you want to reach so your ads become more effective.


Twitter Ads: This platform is newer but very effective so you can increase your twitter followers. You can go further by using ads with a button to get optin emails to increase your list of subscribers and potencial customers.

Digital Distribution & Shopping Carts


Paypal: If you want to sell or accept payments online this will be your first stop. You can use Paypal to sell your digital and physical products online. Also if you want to use Gumroad, Clickbank and E-Junkie you will need a Paypal account. And if you are going to do affiliate marketing you need to have an account as most programs pay through this platform.


GumRoad: Gumroad is a new online sales platform. You can sell your products online directly to your audience. It’s easy to integrate with your website, Facebook, Twitter, and directly from your newsletter.


ClickBank: ClickBank is a great marketplace for digital products sold over the Internet. The only condition to list your product on the market is that it needs to be digital (ebook, video courses, memberships, video games, audio). It has an excellent affiliate program to boost sales of your digital product. You can also use it as an affiliate if you want to earn money by promoting existing products.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


InfusionSoft: It’s a great CRM sales and marketing application for small and medium business. You can manage your email marketing, contacts, opportunities, e-commerce and membership sites. Is not cheap, but worth every dollar if you really are serious about marketing your business. Recommended if your business is growing quickly and you need to have everything organized. Try a free demo here.

Social Network Managers


HootSuite With HootSuite you can handle multiple social network accounts from a single interface. You can measure your growth and results. One of the most interesting features is to be able to schedule your posts and avoid having to be present every time you need to publish something. Get a HootSuite Pro Trial for 30 days.


TweetDeck: This is my favorite application to use Twitter in desktop. I use it to schedule my tweets on NeatBlog at different times and days.With dedicated columns for each mentions, direct messages and tweets timelines lists. Another thing I like is that I can manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Images For Your Site


Fotolia: More than 35 million royalte-free stock images for you. This allows you to use the images without paying more for anytime you use them. You can find a wide range of vectors, images, photos and videos.


Pexels: This is a new site with really good free stock images. You can use them for all your sites and social networks. A real perk is that you don’t need to attribute the site after you use the images.



99Designs: Your ideal place you need your own logo, web design and graphic design. You can make contests among a community of great designers to get the logo that you have been looking for. Click here to see all the services they offer.


Freelancer I have used this site many times when I need to get freelancers for different jobs. From web design, content creation and programming. I’ve also used to offer my services and earn money through work done. Ideal if you need a web designer and writer for your website.

Productivity & Time Management


Wunderlist: With this application I create my to-do lists and task lists. I use it for personal stuff like creating lists of movies to see, maintenance car days and things I want to buy in the future. I use it even for grocery shopping lists. And of course I use it for work related stuff to keep everything organized.


Dropbox: One of my essential work tools. I’ve used it for many years to store backups in the cloud of my most important files. Dropbox has saved me multiple times of losing files in which I was working. Click here to create your free account.


RescueTime This is the tool that I am currently using to keep track of my work time. It’s installed as an application on your PC or Mac and saves all the hours you spend working. Then you can check the percentage of productivity you’ve had during the week and compare it to the last.

Professional Video Creation


HoverBoard: This is my company that produces illustrations, animatics and motion graphic videos. With my team of freelancers we can work on 2D/3D illustrations and professional 2D/3D videos. Ideal for creating your own corporate video for your business. Click here to see the portfolio and services.


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: Excellent camera to record your webinar, podcasts and video courses. It has support for recording in full HD 1080p resolution. The Carl Zeiss lens assures you a great picture quality and you can place it on a tripod for better stability for your videos. Find it at Amazon.


Canon Rebel T5i: If you’re just starting out you can record your video with a cell phone or a webcam. But if you want to step up and do more professional video this DSLR camera has excellent quality. Something to note is the ability to perform auto-focus with the camera while recording a video. It also has a screen that you can turn to see you while you record the video and know where you are. Find it on Amazon.


Camtasia: With this application you can video capture whatever you’re doing on your computer screen. Ideal for creating video tutorials for your users. It also allows you to edit the videos you record in an easy way. The program has a PC and MAC version.

Create a Webinar


Google Hangouts: Google tool to create live meetings with audio and video. Most people used it for video conferences with a maximum of 10 participants. But if you only share the video (from the presenter) the rest can enter as listeners without limit of participants.

Audio Recording & Podcasts


Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Microphone: A cheaper version of a professional microphone. You can use it if you are starting out. And when your podcast increases in listeners you can consider upgrading to the version AT2020. Find it on


Audio-Technica AT2020USB Microphone: If you want a professional microphone with the highest quality, this is your best option. Certainly will give you the best audio quality for the price. You can connect it via USB for easy access to your computer or laptop. It’s designed for digital recording and it’s optimized to lower the noise. Find it on


Audacity: Audacity is a completely free audio editing and recording program. I use it every time I record audio for better sound. One of my favorite parts is that if has a feature to reduce the noise that usually generates when you do audio home recording.



The 4-Hour Workweek: This book tells you how you can live without relying on a salary. And start living the life you are really dreaming, living more and working less. It has more than 400 pages of wisdom on how Tim went from earning $40,000 a year working 80 hours a week to $40,000 a month with only 4 hours a week. Look it on


The $100 Startup: In this book Chris shows how to live a life where you only spend time making things you like. It’s similar to the 4-Hour Workweek which seeks to avoid traditional forms of employment and use time to do something meaningful. Look at


Traction - A Startup Guide to Getting Customers: The main reason why many online businesses fail is because not having enough customers. This book will show you techniques on how successful companies used to gain traction. You will learn how you can enhance your business by increasing the progressive growth of your clients. Get it on